A Journey to that Land Inside My Head – Poem by Malik Roberts

The damp, rusty drawbridge before me collapses
and I begin my journey toward a destination unknown
Into the dark, dense well I drop like a stone
Winds blow and voices around me shriek and moan
I rotate and flow down the large light-less hole
Lo and behold, a vivid glow awaits my eyesight below
I hit the floating hollow blood-orange mazes scattered throughout my wide brain
I hear sounds wide and unheard before now
Sweltered is my brow and abuzz are my feet
Curious and unsure of what or whom I’ll meet, I forge ahead

Giant rainbow-colored butterflies made of lead roam free
through the mahogany gases far above me
One comes down and scoops me up like a cup
and I float on its boomerang-shaped wings
Shapes of rings and other things I see in the distance
My eyes nearly burst open as I find myself in a state of disbelief
and finally I break through the cobwebs and colored mist
to that place where the barricades of humankind and the order of the universe don’t exist

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