A Poem for ATHANASIOS — by Mbugi

For ATHANASIOS Lerounis (A Greek volunteer teacher who was abducted and held for a ransom of $2 million and release of Taliban leaders)

Against my will I sit in a dark Dungeon in NOORISTAN land of Light,
waiting for a rescue or a compromise deal ,why me as I look at a glimmer of Hope ,
I devoted umpteen years of my life
For the cousins of Kalasha who have abducted me
Here I am Far away yet near to the sympathisers
Don’t just sit there Idle – do something,
ARE YOU Waiting for the smoke to clear of the GREEK elections
For I am also the news, with active work
For I discovered down trodden Kalash Tribes of the Hindukush.

The lost tribe of Alexander with guts of my courage to live among them
Even though the name was not enough SIKENDAR Sikender
Yet they abducted me for a ransom that Glitters in the far pavilions of coming from the West
Let’s sit and talk Open Your Heart for an exchange
I Bartered my Greek Comforts to be among Kasivohs
I chose the shepherd pass which guided Alexander in the past
Yet you doubt my Good intentions of helping Natives of Mother EARTH,
I am the smile that encouraged My Greek folks to send kalash clean water via channels
To come and join hands in progress of museums it was not an EMPTY HOPE,
I MOUNT Athena’s LEROUNIS paved the way
So Kalash can study under a roof and learn in a modern way
Of sitting on benches resting with Books in orderly Fashion.

For Nothing is in vain in history of Mankind.
People do shine like BEACONS OF HOPE
Please Let Me be ‘ FREE ‘ I Will educate your Children again
For Your ancestors glory in modern day care
I do not Carry the sword of ESKANDER E AZAM
I Just have the Guiding Light of PLUTO.
FOR I am the awareness of SOCRATES.
I am the Glimmer of Hope again of Alexandria
Do not put the Light of my Courage away
As I am A Way of Hope for the Kalash to face the wide world
I dined in Kalash with the sons of the KINGS Cheo Bazik
Raja Waii Shalak Shah So Malik BROZ Bola sing
As I am a witness they all breath Among Me.


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