A True Love Poem – by Wendell Brown

True Love never dies
When happiness really finds us
And sweet tranquility fills our minds,
When cupids arrow does pierce our hearts
True love does never die…

When adversity overwhelms us
And sometimes tears do fill our eyes,
As long as we are together Liz
True love does never die

And when I made that promise
To always love you true,
No matter what the demands are
I will always truly love you

In my eyes you are still the same to me
As when you first became my lovely bride,
And I will always cherish the moments we share
For I know that in our hearts is where true love does lie

And no matter what happens in our lives
All the worldly problems that come our way
I want our love to always be remembered
With the beauty of our wedding day

For you give me the light that’s in my eyes
And the soft happy glow that fills my smile
And know that I will always love you as much
As the same way that you have made my life worthwhile.

© 2010 Wendell Arnold Brown – for Chuck and Liz and their forever love.

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