Women’s Rights: Personalized History


The presentation is both informative and inspiring. Attendees will gain an appreciation for the history of Women’s Rights in the United States and the four distinct waves of that history. Using a storytelling mode, the presentation highlights the challenges that women have encountered and the achievements that they have made. Through stories of personal experiences, participants gain an unprecedented view of the Women’s Movement over the past decades. Participants will gain a deeper appreciation of the roadblocks to the equal standing of women in society and the workplace today. They will also have the opportunity to ask questions and generate discussion.    

 Who Should Attend

Leaders and aspiring leaders in academia, the workplace, or the community who are looking to engage with a diverse team and avoid unconscious biases that may interfere with knowledge management, team productivity and inclusion efforts.


Deborah Levine is an award-winning author of 14 books, Editor-in-Chief of the American Diversity Report, and host of the ADR Podcasts. She has 33 years experience in diversity training and Leadership coaching. Deborah has a Bachelor’s in Cultural Anthropology, Master’s degrees in Urban Planning and Religious Studies, and Research Fellowships in Arts & Culture. She founded the Southeast Women’s Council on Diversity, and duPage/Chicago Interfaith Resource Network, including its Religious Women Team. She has been featured in Forbes Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Harvard Divinity School Journal, and The Online Wall Street Journal. Her pioneering inclusion work has won awards from the TN Economic Task Force on Women, Girls Inc. of Chattanooga, and the American Planning Association/Chicago


The presentation combines history with Deborah Levine’s personal stories contained in The Magic Marble Tree,  Her memoir dedicated to the generations of innovative women in her family. The stories cover: 1) impact of family decisions 2) sexual harassment in academia and the workplace, 3) inequality of career opportunity and 4) intersection of gender and generation.  The history portion provides the societal context through the four major waves of women’s rights advocacy 1) Obtaining the right to vote (1848-1920), 2) Women’s Liberation Movement (1960s – 80s), 3) Individualization (1990s-2010), and 4) the emerging #MeToo Movement (2010…)


1)  Increase Awareness of the unconscious biases regarding women.

2)  Manage Gender-Generational Differences by enhancing emotional intelligence.

3)  Maximize resources and talents by avoiding the invisibility factor often applied to women.

4)  Implement Planning Strategies that ensure equity and inclusion of women.


“Deborah is a Change Agent, a thought leader. She was an advocate for diversity and inclusion long before it was popular, a current trend of events. It can be lonely at times doing this kind of work when others do not understand or get it. Seems like more people are getting it. Deborah is a true pioneer. I am proud to call her my colleague and friend.”
~Mauricio Velasquez, President/CEO Diversity Training Group

“When Ms. Levine introduced her story methods and Matrix Model System, lights bulbs went off. Telling our stories breaks down barriers and lets us react on a different level.”
~ On-Line Wall Street Journal

“Deborah Levine leads Un-Bias trainees through a discovery process that promotes awareness of the unconscious, deeply held cultural views that we all carry.  When those views are examined and shared, a new paradigm of equity and insight begins to evolve. Ms. Levine’s revelatory trainings, smattered with humor, challenge existing notions of diversity and unleash opportunities for leaders and change makers to shape a more inclusive and representative future.”
~ Rebecca Whelchel: Executive Director, Metropolitan Ministries/Social Services

“Deborah, is a lottery of cultural experience.  Her ability to incorporate relevant storytelling with her wisdom makes her an ideal trainer or speaker for your events needing an expert on diversity. Whether as a panelist, keynote speaker, or workshop facilitator, if you want to have a positive impact on the cultural unconscious bias of your event, contact her, Deborah is the Dynamic Diva of Diversity!”
~ Vincent Phipps, M.A., CSP (Certified Speaking Professional)

I want you to know how blown away everyone was with your presentation today. It was impeccable. You hit it out of the ball park. I don’t know if we’d had anybody who engaged the group like you did. The enthusiasm, the expression and animation, the eye contact. You were truly where you described – whether in college or in Bermuda. We were with you. That’s skill my friend. It’s always a pleasure to watch a pro at work. And a pro you are.
You are an inspiration to me and thousands of others around the world, many of whom you have not met. They know you and your heart from your books, articles and animated talks and presentations. People like you are consistently helping to make this world a better place for all. Keep living your dream and changing lives! ”
~ Glynn Hodges: Executive Director, John Maxwell Team.

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