Peer Review Advisory Team

American Diversity Report will accept Academic Papers in the Fall 2020. Therefore, we have activated a Peer Review process. (Submission guidelines) See profiles of the ADR Peer Review advisors.

Advisory Board - Dr. Joseph NwoyePEER REVIEW TEAM

Dr. Joseph Nwoye – Peer Review Team Leader

Dr. Nwoye is president of He is an educator and inclusion specialist. His focus is on unconscious bias, diversity policies and practice. He is the author of two books and more than 50 articles that share tools from his experience tackling social issues such as achievement gaps, race, and gender. Dr. Nwoye served as the Director of Multicultural Education at Illinois State University and as chief investigator on discriminatory issues.

Peer Review Team - Dr. Cynthia Jackson  Dr. Cynthia R. Jackson

Dr. Jackson completed her military career and became a high school physics and chemistry teacher. She also also facilitating graduate courses for the University of Phoenix as an adjunct professor. After teaching high school, Dr. Jackson transitioned to the instructional design profession. She was the Physical Education, Instructional Systems Specialist for all military schools of DoDEA Europe. She then returned to the U.S. and joined Homeland Security, TSA before transferring to the Department of Veterans Affairs, as the Deputy Director, VA Governance Secretariat.

Peer Review Team - Dr. Deborah LevinDr. Deborah Levin

Dr. Levin is a continuous improvement consultant and college instructor.  She earned a Doctor of Management and Organizational Leadership, a Master of Business Administration, and a B.S. in Textile Technology and Design. Her dissertation thesis was entitled, The relationship between communication tools and levels of leadership trust.  Dr. Levin is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with more than 20 years of project management experience . Her areas of expertise include: product design, manufacturing processes, and transactional operations. Her research interests include virtual team dynamics, leadership collaboration, nonprofit support, and building quantifiable measurements where none exist.

Advisory Board - Dr. Beth LynneDr. Beth Lynne


Dr. Lynne spent 30 years in urban education settings in New York and New Jersey. She  held positions as an elementary teacher,  middle school science and math teacher,  special education teacher, and high school English teacher. In addition, Dr. Lynne was a school disciplinarian and vice principal. Her passions are educating and accommodating diverse learners and incorporating technology in lessons. She adapted her doctoral dissertation into a popular book, Creating a Technological Learning Profile to Customize Instruction for Diverse Learners. Dr. Lynne is also trained in PBSIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) and assisted in implementing the plan in middle and high schools in her former district. Now in retirement, Dr. Lynne helps others self-publish their books and write their dissertations.


Advisory Board - Elwood Watson Dr. Elwood Watson

Dr. Watson is Professor of History and African American Studies at East Tennessee State University. His areas of specialty are in 20th Century Post-World War II U.S. History, African American History, African American Studies, Gender Studies, Popular Culture, and ethnographic studies. He is one of the editors Mentoring Faculty of Color: Essays on Professional Development and Advancement in Colleges and Universities. In addition, he is the recipient of the Faculty Teaching Award and Faculty Distinguished Research Award from the College of Arts & Science.

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