Thought Leadership Coach

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Deborah Levine

Thought Leadership coaching enhances communication skills in the diverse workplace, increases emotional intelligence, and sharpens decision-making abilities. This one-of-a-kind coaching combines the cross-cultural expertise of anthropology with the structural strategies of urban planning. You will learn to build diverse teams with this Matrix Model Management System Take advantage of the System’s innovative UN-BIAS approach to managing impediments to collaboration, inclusion, and knowledge sharing. Boost your short-range goals and long-range planning.

Ideal for leaders of nonprofits,  social entrepreneurs and professionals expanding their reach.  Coaching can be customized for aspiring diversity professionals, The topics include vital background information on past & present issues address by diversity experts, as well as the goals & objectives, the challenges & best practices, and some of the legal aspects of accommodation. The sessions will also address the specific diversity categories that likely to be encountered in the environment/ workplace where you’re most interested in working. For example: race, ethnicity, gender, generation, religion, nationality. We will also look at the intersectionality of these categories based on a cultural anthropology model as well as issues of unconscious bias.

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