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Boost your creativity, emotional intelligence,
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Matrix Model Management System

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 Who Should Attend

Managers looking to establish and reinforce their teams’ culture of diversity and inclusion.


Deborah Levine is an award-winning author of 11 books, Editor-in-Chief of the American Diversity Report, and host of the ADR Podcasts. She has 33 years experience in diversity training and Thought Leadership coaching. Deborah has a Bachelor’s in Cultural Anthropology, Master’s degrees in Urban Planning and Religious Studies, and Research Fellowships in Arts & Culture. She founded the Southeast Women’s Council on Diversity, and duPage/Chicago Interfaith Resource Network. Her pioneering work has been recognized by the TN Economic Task Force on Women, American Planning Association/Chicago, and


Managing Thought Diversity is crucial for reshaping thinking and boosting creativity in the workplace. This presentation addresses how to maximize Thought Diversity by taking participants through the 3-steps of the Matrix Model Management System: 1) Storytelling Communication: use stories and cultural expression to communicate across cultural boundaries, 2) Emotion Metrics: build internal & team measurements for comfort levels and 3) Wisdom: develop wise decision making using Knowledge, Character, Vision, and Action.

Participants Will Learn How To…

1)  Communicate Effectively with stories that reach across cultural differences and avoid unconscious biases.

2)  Manage Conflict by developing metrics that enhance emotional intelligence.

3)  Problem Solve by using wisdom categories for improved decision making.

4)  Develop Thought Leadership by learning the 3-step Matrix Model Management System.


“Deborah is a Change Agent, a thought leader. She was an advocate for diversity and inclusion long before it was popular, a current trend of events. It can be lonely at times doing this kind of work when others do not understand or get it. Seems like more people are getting it. Deborah is a true pioneer. I am proud to call her my colleague and friend.”
~Mauricio Velasquez, President/CEO Diversity Training Group

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