CROSS-CULTURAL ACADEMY for Cultural Competence

The American Diversity Report offers workshops, coaching, and keynotes in 3 key areas of cultural diversity.

Cultural Competence1. CULTURAL COMPETENCE

The ADR workshops for achieving cultural competence are based on our copyrighted system: Matrix Model Management System: Guide to Cross-cultural Wisdom.  Customized for each client, the workshops include:

▪ Cross-cultural communication
▪ Conflict management
▪ Wise decision-making

Cultural competence2. GOING SOUTHERN

The ADR workshops and presentations that assist newbies to adjust to Southern culture are based on the guide, Going Southern: The No-Mess Guide for Success in the South. Customized for each client, the presentations include:

  • Introduction to Southern history & geography
  • Overview of Southern cultural expressions
  • Communication strategies to bridge cultural differences
  • Dos & don’ts for social and workplace interaction in the South

Cultural competence3. DIVERSITY – Religious

The ADR has a history of presenting workshops on diversity in the workplace. The current  emphasis is on religion, based on our book, Religious Diversity at Work: Religious Diversity in the U.S. Workplace which includes discussion questions and scenarios for easy use in training sessions. Customized for each client, the workshops & presentations include:

  • Introduction to the legal issue involving religion in the workplace.
  • Quick Reference Religious Diversity Cards.
  • Strategies for calendars and holidays.
  • Summary of the 4 most common non-Christian religions in the US workplace: Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism.
  • Common HR issues involving religion

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