Allen Liu: Student Activist and Problem Solver

Allen LiuThen a senior at Chattanooga’s McCallie School, (now at Princeton U.) Allen Liu was an articulate representative for student activism.  He is an avid violinist, has been recognized nationally for his scientific research.

Allen establishes an impressive image for student activist with his  resume: State Math Team, MathCounts Team Founder & Coach, Science Olympiad Captain, Violin (All-State Orchestra Concertmaster), and String Theory Youth Initiative Chair/President (Arts Leadership), as well as leadership in Chattanooga Students Leading Change (CSLC) and Young Democrats.

CLICK below for the Allen Liu interview podcast…

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One thought on “Allen Liu: Student Activist and Problem Solver”

  1. What a great interview with a very thoughtful and articulate young man. He will probably be a notable leader in his generation!

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