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a cup of chaos by Debasish Mishra

a cup of chaos

the morning begins for me
with the newspaper and a cup of chaos:

how a white knee dug into a black head
and planted death and an uprising—
how helpless folks died on their way
to their homes like those unsaid words
which never reached the tongue—
how sex is to be done with masks
the way you are expected to taste
a dessert standing outside
the glass wall of the confectionery—

the sun has grown stale now
after months of constant seeing
all the gods have lost their appeal
seasons turn     though time refuses to
budge and eyes crave for good news
amid furor of curfews
lockdowns     deaths
the way resilient peasants
eat morsels of hunger
yet sow hope in a parched land


Image Credit: A collage of a pile of newspapers [], a basket of shredded newspaper [], a spilling cup of coffee [], and WordArt