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Howard Gerald Comen is named after an uncle and cousin killed fighting for freedom in World War II. He has dedicated his life to bringing about interfaith, racial, tribal, ethnic and gender equity. While acquiring a Political Science degree from the U. of South Carolina, Comen developed a Student Marshall Program to serve as a buffer between students, administrators, and law enforcement during riots. After three women were raped on campus, Comen developed a Student Night Patrol and received a Carnegie Institute grant to publish his ideas on the Student’s Role in Handling Campus Affairs. He holds South Carolina Law Enforcement Division Private Detective License #30 and conducts investigations worldwide: South Africa, Nigeria, England, France, Canada, Mexico. Comen has investigated officials from small-town mayors to the President of the U.S. His investigations were featured by: Geraldo Rivera, Bill O'Reilly, The New York Times, London Sunday Mail, Toronto Globe and Mail, Washington Post, Newsday, Pittsburgh Tribune, Miami Herald, Buffalo News, CNN, and MSNBC.

At the Crossroads of Good and Evil – by Howie Comen


We are at a crossroads of Good and Evil in civilization. Standing with Faust. Robert Johnson, and  Joe Hardy. Do we continue to sell our souls to the devil or do we defeat him?

We are in the middle of a war against evil. Some of this evil is external and in the media hourly. However much  is internal, homegrown, Godless feelings that I’m better than you based on my race, creed, national origin, faith, or which side of the tracks I live on.  Continue reading At the Crossroads of Good and Evil – by Howie Comen

DO NOT RESUSCITATE – by Howard Gerald Comen

The Hippocratic Oath
Has an expiration date
My Mom and John both
Suffered the same fate

Do Not Resuscitate
They will just let you die
At 95 she’s expendable
They won’t even try

She birthed two kids
She broke two ribs
Had a cancer scare
But Nobody Cares

My friend’s brother died
He was only 59
The hospital refused to operate
Saying he didn’t cooperate

They accused him of stopping chemo
In reality he just ran out of dough
Another hospital agreed
To take him after 3 weeks
But he died on the two-hour ride

Image credit: The Scientific Student