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Senior Executive and strategic thinker with over 20 years of experience in Fortune 100 financial service companies. Strong expertise in strategy and business development with a unique ability to create cross-industry partnerships. Extensive expertise in financial services, analytics and emerging technologies. Launched the next generation of mobile banking and payments in the US market.

Cultural Challenges for Latina Business Women — by Ilieva Ageenko

For many career women success means achieving not just professional recognition but also a fulfilling family life and personal happiness. But what is the price is paid by a career women and other women leaders in the diversity of culture they represent? There are many different answers to this question and the diverse cultures are key. My answer comes from the perspective of a Latina working for a Fortune 500 company who also constantly feels the need to challenge cultural differences in leadership styles. At the same time, it’s coming from a person who looks for life work balance, whether that means enjoying time in the kitchen cooking my favorite traditional cuisine, or impressing upon my children the value and importance of their multicultural background.

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