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Margot Block has been writing since the age of fourteen and has been published in Zygote Magazine, Contemporary Verse 2, Juice, the Collective Consciousness, Voices, Grub Street Literary Magazine, Bakwa Magazine, and in the online journals BlazeVox, Kaleidoscope Online, the Bombay Review, and Kritikos: A Postmodern Journal of Cultural Sound, Text & Image. She participated in the high school mentorship program with the Manitoba Writers Guild, working with Canadian poet, Carol Rose. She won first prize in a poetry contest sponsored by the Writers Collective and an honorable mention in a poetry contest sponsored by the Lake Winnipeg Writers Group.

I owe you this black silence by Margot Block

I owe you this black silence

as darkness turns
changing pain
like the razor’s edge
Careful now
she sets in quick under a bright sky
when I want them to fade quickly
Not to play the victim
or take one little fall
between spaces where
human traits reveal themselves
where pride falls to the floor
nothing to separate us
from the weak


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