Beautiful One, Heather Heyer – Poem by Wendell Brown

She made another feel very special
With her very special caring joy
She easily would help many others
With her selfless spirit, she employed

The power and passion within her heart
The Godly bliss which filled her day
She knew how to share love with others
Helping those in need in a special way

She took a stand to make lives better
For many people she did not really know
As many at her job came to know her
In  her heart,  Heather could not let go

Deep within her heart His words live
One should love others as ones-self
She embraced His Living Word each day
Allowing them to be her treasured wealth

She loved all of those whom God created
Such a beautiful rainbow of human kind
She represented with others her kind Lord
To all hatred her heart was color-blind

She believed we were all God’s children
Doing her job, she would give her best
As if all whom she served was her family
With her help, their lives might advance

Her selfless spirit has left us too soon
Yet her kindness in many hearts will stay
For the memory of this dear “beautiful one”
Is a priceless joy which will never go away.

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