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Elaine Spector, Counsel at Harrity & Harrity, LLP, has over 20 years in the patent field. She lives with her husband, three children, and her cat, Kouklitsa (which means "baby doll" in Greek), who was rescued from Greece in 2015. Elaine is not only a strong advocate for life/work balance, but actually lives it- working a reduced schedule from the comfort of her home.

Working from Home: A Game Changer – by Elaine Spector

After over 21 years of working in an office, I finally had the opportunity to take a leap of faith to work from home. Many people have questioned me about the move, and how I am fairing. My response is simple: “It is a game changer.”

Like many Americans, I’ve spent a majority of my working life in a brick and mortar office. On a typical morning, I would take a quick shower, eat a hurried breakfast, and dash to my car in a futile attempt to beat the traffic. I have been in the law practice for 21 years, most of which were spent living and working in Washington, D.C.- a city notorious for its congestion. After a move to Baltimore, I continued to commute to D.C. for seven excruciating years.

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