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Howard Gerald Comen writes for Copper and Cobalt Consulting. Comen is a South Carolina private detective since 1973 and interfaith proponent since 1988. Other members of the team include: Joachimpillai, a graduate of Bentley University who worked at the Brookings Institute with international experience; Bishop Bulinda, a native of Kenya who came to the US to help bring international unity; Johnny Ford, the former Mayor of Tuskegee Alabama and developer of the World Conference of Mayors.

 A New Beginning Begins in 2020 – by Howard Gerald Comen 

War, killing, and hatred permeate every level of society. This uncivil war is growing like a cancerous growth.  It is time we developed a New Beginning as the United States approaches the 400th Anniversary of the landing at Plymouth Rock.

In 2020, all segments of society must come to an understanding of each other and begin, together,  to recognize that we are one humanity, merely many different shades. All the various perspectives of faith, race, gender, and culture must see ourselves as parts of the engine of humanity, parts of a sports team each with a different perspective that, when working in unison, wins championships.