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Sri has published articles since his student days at DB Jain College. He was the editor during his post-graduate work at Bhavan’s Rajaji College of Communication and Management, and later, the editor for “Gateway” Magazine in India. Sri authored technical articles while working in Oracle Corporation and taught RDBMS. He was adjunct faculty at Eastern State Florida College, Titusville Campus and a Gayatri Mantra coordinator for the World Hindu University.

Education and Moral Values – by Sridhar Rangaswamy

Education helps in enlightening our minds and intellect and makes us think differently. Education together with sound moral values and righteous behavior can lead the muse of an excellent superstructure. Education may be a steppingstone to success. It helps us connect and form a bond with individuals from different walks of life.

I come from a rustic that places emphasis and prominence on education and helping others to grow and develop to their full potential. I try and be unique and distinctive and step into the domain and realm of unknown, a path few embark upon. The Tech field, where I work every now and then, can be very dry, dull, and boring. So I dabble in fun things and comedy to boost and invigorate the environment, making the concept of learning and teaching more enjoyable and pleasurable.

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