Buddha & the True Psychologist – Poem by Yogesh Sukal

When I clicked this picture
instant thought occurred,
That it is a contradictory mixture,

On one side is the Buddha
Figure of inner piece as a victory,
On the other hand, samurai
Famous warriors in the history,

But the fact that I didn’t know surprisingly,
That Buddha was born to Kshatriya family,

While samurai practiced Zen Buddhism,
Strengthened on the battlefield as reason,

So my instinct to see just a simple contradiction,
Turns out to be contradiction of contradiction.

The Buddha was true psychologist
who understood self in serenity,
Perception based distorted opinion
about others is merely a stupidity,

Mind can be studied from inside out,
Perceiving externally is just a naught,

Can’t be like Buddha and focus on ownself?
Then dear psychologist in myself,

Don’t, observe, judge & comprehend the myth,
Better ask, argue & understand the truth.

Yogesh Sukal

Yogesh Sukal is a blogger, poet, travel writer. He is research scholar at University of Genoa, Italy and holds a master’s degree in Design Engineering from BITS Pilani. He also worked with the Fortune 500 corporation, General Electric. He loves traveling & exploring new places around the world, being with nature, music, singing and philosophical thinking.

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