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Inspirational Poetry

A Journey to that Land Inside My Head – Poem by Malik Roberts

The damp, rusty drawbridge before me collapses
and I begin my journey toward a destination unknown
Into the dark, dense well I drop like a stone
Winds blow and voices around me shriek and moan
I rotate and flow down the large light-less hole
Lo and behold, a vivid glow awaits my eyesight below
I hit the floating hollow blood-orange mazes scattered throughout my wide brain
I hear sounds wide and unheard before now
Sweltered is my brow and abuzz are my feet
Curious and unsure of what or whom I’ll meet, I forge ahead

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Waiting for a Sign -Poem by Yalda Hajavi

What is this that you’ve got me doing?
What is this game that you’re constantly playing with me?
What are these tricks that you’re fooling me with?
What happened to love and never forget?
What are you? Rushing slowly down my spine,
What is this breeze that comes from time to time?
How is pain felt, when all I am is numb?
And what about the good times that just went all wrong?
I’m nothing more than washed away sand,
Pain and shame are read through the lines on my hands,
Sometimes they curve and extend,
Yet sometimes blood draws through every chance.

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Poem of the Blank Page — by Belle Green

Your verse is unpretentious, very appealing.
I could picture myself in it as a musical metaphor,
a witness to the way the formality of white maneuvers
itself blushing over snowy rage; I the traveler in the
nostalgic vessel of your short stories, induced into the
creative form of your wit for the pure sake of having
something beautiful to sing about.

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Handprint in White Flour — Poem by Leslie McGrath

Sorry Sorry Sorry my vulnerables, my daughters
I fed you tainted vegetables, washed you in dirty water
I microwaved your formula, I swaddled you in plastic,
medicated every cough with syrups now unsanctioned.

Still, I loved you fiercely and fiercely love you now.
If mothering could be redone I’d reconsider how
I trusted in the old ways, I didn’t know the dangers
of living in the world we’ve fouled. Diabetes, cancers

are growing in the very young, even you, my children.
If I had known that health was built around a heart of wellness
this heart I would have nurtured with nature’s endless plenty.
Toward your enigmatic future with these lessons, daughters, hurry.