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Poetry Submissions – Guidelines

Poetry submissions have been part of the American Diversity Report since it’s inception in 2006.  And dozens of poems from around the world provide windows into different cultures. Illuminating cultural diversity is the ADR mission and poetry is a big part of that mission.

Beginning in the fall 2019, John C. Mannone will be the ADR Poetry Editor. He will choose 2 poems each month to be published and included in that month’s e-newsletter. If you would like to join us, here are guidelines for poetry submissions:

  • TIMING:  Deadline for submissions is noon on the 15th of each month.
  • STYLE: Minimum of 12 lines. Do not repeat title as first line.
  • BIO: Include a  bio of 50-75 words.
  • SECURITY: To avoid receiving spam, do not include  live links in the bio, phone numbers, or email addresses in your bio.
  • LOGISTICS: Submissions must be in word.doc or word.docx format using Times New Roman size 12 font with 1.2 line spacing.
  • LOGISTICS: Submission should be an attachment in an e-mail to

    • Profanity or hate speech
    • Political endorsements
    • Anonymous submissions

ADR Submission GUIDE


Submission to the American Diversity Report is encouraged and the guidelines make it easy for writers to participate . Created in 2006 as a local-global writers colony, the ADR is a creative resource for understanding cultural diversity. See below for the topics that we feature. The submission deadline is at noon on the 15th of each month The next deadline is on the 15th of September.  There is a summer hiatus when your submission will be held for that issue.)


Please submit your article as a word.doc attachment and e-mail to:  New articles are announced in the monthly issues of our e-newsletter.  Authors are added to our e-newsletter mailing list and receive notification of publication through the e-newsletter.


  • FONT: Times Roman – size 12
  • LANGUAGE:  Articles must be submitted in American or British English.
  • PARAGRAPHS:  Don’t indent paragraphs – space them instead.  The first 5 lines of your 1st paragraph are most visible – so make them memorable.  Don’t waste space by quoting someone else.
  • WORD COUNT:  600-1,500 words.
  • TITLE:  Do not use ALL CAPS, Symbols or Quotation marks.
  • SUBTITLES: Include a minimum of 3 sub-titles.
  • QUOTES: Do not begin your article by quoting someone else.
  • BIO: Include a short profile at the bottom of your article: 50-100 words. Do not include live links in your bio for security reasons.
  • PHOTO/GRAPHIC: You may submit a visual as a jpg attachment in your e-mail submission. indicate the owner/author of visuals – you must have permission for its use.
  • URL LINKS: You may include links to websites in the article, but not e-mail addresses.
  • Read our Disclaimer – You retain copyrights.


Preference will be given to articles that engage the key themes of the ADR. Click to see examples:


  • NO profanity or hate speech
  • NO press releases, infomercials, funding requests, sales / give aways of products or services
  • NO political endorsements
  • NO anonymous submissions
  • NO time sensitive or event announcements


The ADR podcasts welcome movers & shakers and diverse change makers.. Use our INTERVIEW FORM to apply to be interviewed.
NOTE:  ADR rules apply to interviews