Charisma – Poem by Meena Chopra

Lush jade jungles
Tracks un-trodden
Lead into the anonymity.
Silence drizzles dew
The grass is still wet
The sun sets on the back of the camel
Deserting daydreams.

The night unlocks
the mysteries
a full enigmatic tranquility.
sips the fragrance
the moonlight.
Clouds are coiled
live streaming
the twisted passage of a deadly day
Reflecting a panoramic hillside.
A formidable climb.

Insomnia enthralled
Captivating the beaming hopes.
Smouldered daylight takes a leap
Voyaging the void.
The radiant night
Irradiates delving darkness.

Meena Chopra

Meena Chopra is an award-winning poet & visual artist with a passion for words, space, colors, and forms. Born and brought up in India, she now lives in Toronto, Canada. After a career as a designer in the fashion industry, she switched to fine arts & writing poetry both in English and Hindi, her native language. She has authored three poetry books and is published in literary journals world- wide. In 2018, her art and writings won awards from the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada.See

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