Education and Moral Values – by Sridhar Rangaswamy

Education helps in enlightening our minds and intellect and makes us think differently. Education together with sound moral values and righteous behavior can lead the muse of an excellent superstructure. Education may be a steppingstone to success. It helps us connect and form a bond with individuals from different walks of life.

I come from a rustic that places emphasis and prominence on education and helping others to grow and develop to their full potential. I try and be unique and distinctive and step into the domain and realm of unknown, a path few embark upon. The Tech field, where I work every now and then, can be very dry, dull, and boring. So I dabble in fun things and comedy to boost and invigorate the environment, making the concept of learning and teaching more enjoyable and pleasurable.

I have been involved in teaching students at the Eastern State Florida College, Titusville Campus, Florida and was a Gayatri Mantra coordinator for the World Hindu University and worked closely with several Inter Religious Faith Organizations in spreading education and helping others achieve their goals.

Technically as well spoke in Oracle Open World in 2014. I was part of Big Data Conference in Amsterdam as well.  I have also taught in Oracle and Peoplesoft University other than Non-technical like Dale Carnegie for Motivation.

I am firm believer that every person is born with one or the opposite unique talent. The necessity of the hour is to find the inherent talent and therefore the passion and put it to meaningful use for the community at large.

One more example is when i was doing lot of Nonprofit to help the poor, needy in Orlando, Florida. I had a call from my friend in Nashville, TN, he said the dancers are coming from India-they are blind and he wants me if I can coordinate or help out but I did literally I took and take care of them…  They came from Bangalore were blind- i put the picture and details on LinkedIn on those days….They were blind but highly talented in doing Classical dance called Bharata Natyam –they never missed a single steps in Classical dance . Kalaksetra teaches Classical dancing – I was a Connoisseur/volunteer for Dancing community during those day earlier when I was young,  and I could see that they did a phenomenal job. I took them by rental car across to different cities in the area….driving 100 or 200 miles for their performances.  Their brains were sharp although their eyesight was absent.

The world today is changing drastically and phenomenally, and we face insecurities, fear, hatred, grief, and sadness day after day. To form our world a higher place, it’s vital to spread the message of affection, peace, compassion brotherhood, and harmony. It’s essential that we support and stand with each other, rather than against each other.

Along with education, the environment is main issue facing us and affecting our lives. The disproportion and imbalance in our eco system has its adverse effects on our wildlife, forests, erosion, climate, the water we use or the air we breathe. If drastic and harsh steps aren’t taken in time, the imbalance will destroy the delicate fabric of our existence and survival.

The “Going Green” mantra is the need of the hour. We all should make ecologically friendly lifestyle changes to avoid wasting our eco system from further destruction and depletion. We can try a variety of ways like recycling paper, using less paper or supporting paperless bills, banning plastic bags and bottles, using less energy in our homes, having a compost system founded in our homes instead of using pesticides and fertilizers, preventing wastage of water by checking on water leaks in our homes and shutting off the taps when not in use. If each person pledges to perform small changes in their lifestyles, we can make a big impact on the environment.

Moral education should prompt us to join organizations like the Fresh from Florida Program and support the Government’s efforts in bringing fresh, wholesome fruits and vegetables to our dinner tables and sustaining our agricultural economy.

In nutshell, pursue a sound education system with good moral and ethical values plus small steps to safeguard and shield the environment for any future catastrophe and disaster.

This is how we can cause a responsible and mature humankind for the longer term.

Editor’s Note: this author is a participant in  ADR New Beginnings

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