Enigma of the New Year Poem

Enigma of the New Year – Poem by Debasish Majumder

Year after year
We humans renewed ourselves with a new flavor
Celebrate with joviality new year
Construe our own obsessive calendar!

Time and year, a lovely devise
We human initiate with our endeavor and entice
No other living organism ever perhaps having a process of thought
To decorate time with a yearly knot!

In a passage of time
We human accept the confronting changes, only prime
With an emphatic claim
We continuously explore with lovely flame!

In our unique cerebral
Reflections we receive are phenomenal
The hangover of past engulf us which is eternal
Continuously hammer us without any interval!

Past propound on us
With an intriguing chorus
Though abstract in nature
Like the minute particle of matter
Atom, we cannot see in our naked eye
But express its presence in our cerebral to vie
Makes series of blow
Enables human civilization to flow!

The charisma of advancing year
Having an enigmatic potential to trigger
With its inherent force
It promote an impetus on us to explore
We uncover myriad of unknown facets
This influence on us to refurbish and recreate our assets
New Year is a boon to us
We celebrate it with unanimous chorus!

Time, a unique matter creates an amazing ruckus
We eulogize its grandeur and status
Welcoming New Year with a bang
Centuries long, the greatest human innovation, the song we sang!

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