Fight for Survival – Poem by Kwaku Amoako Fosu-Gyeabour

We fight to survive
Through everyday life challenges
For food, pleasure and peace
But the heights we go never cease

We fight to survive
To sing a song of success
We hustle and wrestle
Yet the struggle remains even when we aim to settle

We fight to survive
Through everyday strikes
Our survival depends on our mental fortitude
But it is only possible with the right attitude

We fight to survive
To taste the sweetness of life
But the stress is unending and rife
When the day is over and life grants us with no cover
We fight to survive
To what better could we have made of life?
When it’s forever ups and downs
But at the end of it all
We realize there is no ending after all.

©Kwaku Amoako Fosu-Gyeabour

Kwaku Amoako Fosu-gyeabour

Kwaku is the Executive Director of Fosdorc Group, a campus/tertiary based youth development and entrepreneurship firm. He is also a Project Coordinator for Tradeline Consult’s Graduate Entrepreneurship project. He is the former President of the University Practice Old Students Association, University of Cape Coast Chapter, a contributor to the Youth Alive Magazine, Cape Coast and a member of the Poetry Society, UK, contributor to the American Diversity Report, Tennesee, U.S.A, a campus representative of Rebranding Africa, UK and a contributor to Unheardwords,UK.

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