GURU Coaching

    by Award-winning Author
            Deborah J. Levine

One-on-one coaching sessions are 1 hour each either in person in Chattanooga or in an online  ZOOM chat room (call-in # provided by e-mail).
Coaching spots are limited. SCROLL DOWN TO REGISTER.
Cost: $75 per hour coaching session
SPECIAL OFFER! – 30% Discount on SILVER COACHING  package of 3-session $50@ = $150.00
Note: To qualify for the Special Offer, register for GURU Editing (minimum of SILVER EDITING Package – 10 pages)

Here’s Expert Advice designed specifically for you:

  • Secret clues based on Content Edits 
  • Perfect your Style
  • Grab your Audience
  • Create the Flow
  • Make an Impact
  • Unblock Writer’s block


“Award-winning author and lecturer Deborah Levine’s coaching is a must for anyone who wants to learn how to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and come up with readable, enjoyable pieces of professional level books and articles. Her guidance is steady and patient, her comments are on point and her expertise shines through each lesson. I enjoyed every minute and learned enough to have the self-confidence to try my hand and come up with a truly good piece of work. I would highly recommend Ms. Levine to anyone who wants to start writing now.”
~ Cathryn Cohen

“Deborah has a unique style as an Editor. She is thorough, helpful and easy going. You get to feel her rich experience in the very first encounter with her. Her reviews are top-notch and has consulted for many international organizations. She has demonstrated keen interest in the development of new and young writers over the years and is always available when called upon. I couldn’t find anyone better to work with”
~ Kwaku Amoako Fosu-Gyeabour


Please complete the registration form below when you purchase your coaching sessions.
Note: You must register for Content Editing (minimum of SILVER EDITING PACKAGE – 10 pages) to qualify for the SILVER COACHING PACKAGE.

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Deborah Levine is an award-winning, best-selling author. As Editor of the American Diversity Report, received the 2013 Champion of Diversity Award from and the Excellence Award from the Tennessee Economic Council on Women. Her writing about cultural diversity spans decades with articles published in The American Journal of Community Psychology, Journal of Public Management & Social Policy, The Bermudian Magazine, and The Harvard Divinity School Bulletin. She earned a National Press Association Award, is a Blogger with The Huffington Post, and is featured on C-Span/ BookTV.

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