GURU Editing

Combo Editing & Coaching
for Aspiring Writers

guru editing

Want to improve your writing?
Refine your style?

Help is here!
Award-winning author Deborah Levine combines content & editing for a powerful upgrade to your writing.

How does it work?

  • You e-mail Deborah what you’ve written
  • You and Deborah have a coaching session
  • Deborah provides expert editing
  • Deborah shares her secrets for improving your work
  • Your writing gets Better & Better!


GURU EDITING = $50.00 per hour. Pages must be double-spaced with New Times Roman font – size 12.
COACHING CALL: 45 MINUTES by Phone or Zoom = $100
Clients must schedule a minimum of 1 coaching call per blog/article, 2 coaching calls per grant proposal, 4 coaching calls for a book.


“Deborah has a unique style as an Editor. She is thorough, helpful and easy going. You get to feel her rich experience in the very first encounter with her. Her reviews are top-notch and has consulted for many international organizations. She has demonstrated keen interest in the development of new and young writers over the years and is always available when called upon. I couldn’t find anyone better to work with.”


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