World Interfaith Harmony Invitation



Black Mayors




To: Mayors & Community Leaders
From: ADR New Beginnings

We wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous 2020. Please join our efforts for a World Interfaith Harmony Month.  Here’s how to get started  in this grassroots global effort to stop hate, identify community problems and develop potential solutions…

  1. FILL OUT the official Proclamation at this link to your local/regional press:

2. SHARE the Proclamation link with local universities, clergy, community groups and other mayors. Request that they publish the Proclamation in their newsletters and bulletins.  

3.  SHARE in-depth explanation of our New Beginnings with parters and media:

4. Plan Activities: Convene a gathering to pray together for peace, harmony and prosperity and/or set up a meeting to propose a Council Against Hate with a University, Clergy, Chamber of Commerce, other community groups to identify local community problems and find solutions.
5. Write a short summary (up to 1,200 words) of your activities to be published in the ADR New Beginnings webpage of your town and in our newspaper. Please email it as a word.doc attachment  and include photos if possible – as jpg attachments.
6. Arrange to partner with a local university to do podcast to share with the American Diversity Report.  You can start the process by referring to the ADR New Beginnings interview form:
7. SUBSCRIBE to the ADR e-newsletter to get the latest updates.  Encourage partners to also subscribe. The goal is 10,000 subscribers, enabling additional fundraising.

  with questions and updates on your efforts to stop hate, identify community problems and develop potential solutions. 


2 thoughts on “World Interfaith Harmony Invitation”

  1. Very Proud of the Bulinda family working very hard to bring a New Beginning in 2020 on the ground in Washington State and Africa.

    The Bishop will be bringing our UN New Beginnings 2020 to the Washington State Legislature tomorrow blowing the Jewish Shofar in anticipation of the Walls of Hate coming down in much the same way the Israelite Priest blowing the Shofars in Jericho Joshua 6:1-27

  2. From Missionary protas chimwani Bulinda: Praise to our Lord and Master.Thank you so much team members for the wonderful work you’re doing. Special thanks to brother Howie who carried the burden for decades now. As team coordinators on the ground in Kenya-Africa, I wish to report that we have a positive move so far.
    I managed to make a personal visit to our area Member of Parliament Turkana Central constituency, Hon. John Nakara Lodepe who took the initiative very positively.Hon. Lodepe who is also a Minister of the Gospel (Missionary)has promised to book an appointment with our county Governor to share this great Move initiative. He promised to accompany me to our local university and share this vision with the administrators in case there is need. He also told me that he is willing to bring in more church Ministers from other counties incase of need for a sensitization forum in a meeting here in Turkana incase of need.
    In summary I want to report that things are already in motion on the ground. We just need your further direction and guidance.
    I remain in humble service.
    ~ Missionary protas chimwani Bulinda

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