Making a Difference: Goodwill in Africa, Afghanistan, and the Middle East

These stories from Global Goodwill Ambassadors will motivate you to pursue your efforts to change the world for the better. Their words of wisdom will inspire you to be a model for others to follow in your footsteps. Here are interviews with Dr. Nadia Cheaib and Abdul Asill Azizi. Let us celebrate people making a difference in their own way.

Dr. Nadia Cheaib

Dr. Nadia Cheaib is Founder and CSO of Clingroup, a healthcare services provider. Dr. Cheaib has a doctoral degree in Pharmacy and Medical Sciences from France. She is an International expert on drugs development. She is Founder and President of Hope MCF Philanthropic Foundation which operates in Lebanon, UAE, and Egypt.

As founder of Hope MCF, she helps children in the Middle East and Africa to get a proper schooling because their parents can’t finance their education. She helps women in these countries to create their own businesses so that they can support their families in a sustainable way. In addition, she mentors NGOs in these countries to improve their performance. While these organizations are greatly motivated by their causes, they have little expertise in managing NGOs.

Dr. Cheaib explains her philosophy and why her work makes a difference, “We believe and apply the proverb, “Don’t give me a fish, but rather teach me to fish. For example, we educate women and then integrate them into professional societies. Our cases, all activities included, number over 15,000 today.”

To do this life changing work, Dr. Cheaib takes her inspiration from Mother Theresa’s endless faith and sense of giving as well as from Marie Curie’s devotion to science. Dr. Cheaib’s own words of wisdom for others who want to make a difference include:

a. Believe there is some goodness in people despite all you may face.

b. Carry on regardless of people’s reaction or abuse. What matters is how faithful you are to your own beliefs, not people’s recognition.

c. Build always in a sustainable long-term manner so that those you helped yesterday become your arms to multiply giving today.

Abdul Asill Azizi

Abdul Asill Azizi is a Human Resource Specialist working with Sarakkhumar, Ltd. in Kabul, Afghanistan. He shares his humble beginnings, coming from a small family that had nothing form the time he can remember. He encountered many obstacles to develop from a small boy to a young man. “My country has been full of violence and war among my own people which I pity to this day. I dream of changing that perspective among my people and I will keep dreaming to make my country a better place just as I dreamed when I was a young boy. I seek to change this world in the best way without being disrespectful. I was brought up with love, to spread love, to give love, to create love, and, hopefully, complete my life with love.”

Abdul shares his philosophy of making a difference, “I believe in humanity. The world needs humanity and I want to help because the world needs us to lay hands on the needy ones. There are thousands and thousands of refugees around the globe that are in need of help. The more we help, the more the world becomes a beautiful place to live in. Hence, we should not just fold our hands and wait for the world to become a better place.” He has applied that philosophy in a personal way, “I helped a relative of mine a few years ago by giving him tuition when he took his final exams in his last year in school. He is now studying at one of the good university’s in Kabul, Afghanistan. The young man has an internship in mechanical engineering and a scholarship due to his high marks. He is a humble and hardworking student in his field and always grateful for the help provided to him.

Abdul explains that the person who inspired him the most is Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi fought for freedom, he fought for his country and the goodwill of the country, and he fought for peace regardless of the violence and oppression. Abdul’s own words of wisdom for others who want to make a difference include, “Follow the goodwill in your heart and never turn your back on people who are in need of your help. Encourage a person to follow his dream and to never give up on his dreams of achievements. Keep a disciplined mindset for every step you take in life and always be a caring, loving icon to the younger ones. You may start from nothing, but you can become a goodwill ambassador among your people.


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