Robyn LeBron

Robyn LeBron – Interfaith Peace Advocate

Robyn LeBron is a member and contributor to  She is the Manager-Moderator of Interfaith Professionals on LinkedIn where she advances the interfaith movement by connecting interfaith groups to maximize their efforts.  Robyn is the author of two books, Searching for Spiritual Unity…Can There be Common Ground? and The Search for Peace in Times of Chaos.

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Deborah Levine is an award-winning, best-selling author of 14 books. As Editor of the American Diversity Report, she received the 2013 Champion of Diversity Award from and the Excellence Award from the Tennessee Economic Council on Women. Her writing about cultural diversity spans decades with articles published in The American Journal of Community Psychology, Journal of Public Management & Social Policy, The Bermudian Magazine, and The Harvard Divinity School Bulletin. She earned a National Press Association Award, was a Blogger with The Huffington Post, and is featured on C-Span/ BookTV.

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  1. What a joy it was to hear Robyn Lebron’s voice after so many years of connection at linkedin’s “Interfaith Professionals” group. Thankyou Deborah for hosting Robyn, and for your appreciation of the “Golden Rule” – as shown – to be at the “Heart” of “Good-God” interfaith relations. Since there is no hate, or fear in “Love”, what is left is LOVE

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