Reached the Tipping Point

Our Society has Finally Reached the Tipping Point – by Kathleen Sullivan

For over two years now, every day and night, I have been scanning the media comments sections of mainstream media articles to gauge social ebbs and flows.  And I have been tracking the influence of obviously professional trolls and bots. (I should write a thesis about their unfortunately profound influence.) I have been alarmed at how they have been largely successful in guilting, deriding, confusing, distracting, frightening, and shaming genuinely concerned, good-hearted commenters from taking solid, necessarily no-holds-barred action to reverse major societal and political wrongs and destructive movements and trends that have drastically increased in power and control during the same time period.

The people reportedly paying, organizing, feeding, encouraging, and working with and behind them (Russian intel, neo-Nazi and White Supremacist leaders, Bannon and Ryan and Miller and the Mercers, coal and oil industry leaders, the Koch family, NRA executives, etc.) have obviously joined together to target and very quickly, very aggressively disable and strip away the collective power and energy of just about any other group, organization, and movement whose beliefs and agendas run counter to their own long-term goals for our government.

They have used thousands of self-replicating/evolving online trolls and bots in massively effective way to mess with the minds and hearts of millions of readers in a very clever, very nasty organized manner.

Most caring, good-hearted people have never, EVER experienced such a massively organized psychological assault on their thoughts and emotions before. This is brand-new territory for nearly all of us.

And because social media is also still relatively new and is not properly supervised by mature grownups, and is the main form of communication for our younger people, it makes sense that the aggressors have specifically used these largely unregulated communications platforms to confuse and high jack the critical thinking abilities of millions of younger readers and basically keep their logic knocked offline.

I have a seriously strange childhood history, in that I was raised by a family who – at least the adult males – were very real, very sociopathic experts in what they and their Nazi and intelligence associates labeled “mind control”.

I even wrote a published autobiography about those experiences, in the early 2000s: “Unshackled: A survivor’s story of mind control”. Not to gain attention for myself, but to help educate mental health professionals on how to help other victims of sophisticated forms of brainwashing and mind control to recover more quickly and effectively.

Back then, I truly hoped that the worst was finally over for me and thousands of other former child human subjects on whom mind control experts had brutally perfected their skills and methods.

But more recently, it became horrifyingly apparent to me and other survivors that criminally minded associates of sociopaths like my adoptive father (a staunch neo-Nazi) and maternal grandfather (a self-identified financial opportunist and OSS operative) have taken those earlier mind control techniques, tweaked them a little to fit the parameters of social media and political rallies and “alt.right” blogs and news conduits, and have used them to effectively churn out orchestrated assaults on readers’ minds day and night, literally nonstop.

I have been so horrified at the overall success of their brutally sophisticated efforts. So many good-hearted people have been influenced – in record time – to believe that it’s time to go belly-up and cede control of our government and beloved country – and lives and futures – to organized aggressors whose main attacks are still WORDS, not even guns!

I have been in that same state of abject learned helplessness way too many times in the past decades, already. I cannot bear to go there again. I already know – on a deeply visceral level – how deadly it will yet become.

I already know first-hand that sociopathic control addicts don’t just stop with tricking and forcing us to cede our locus of power and control to them. That is only the beginning of what they will do to us – and THROUGH us to millions of other vulnerable innocents – if we do not break their control, rediscover our courage and spines and moral compasses, and firmly show them that they are no longer in power!

And yet, up until this week, I have not seen the purest form of power of the human heart that it MUST take, to break their collective control over our clouded, hijacked minds.

Oh, I have watched the occasionally impassioned speeches in the House and Senate. Like firework duds, they sputter and spark, but then quickly fade into darkness again.

And I have been thrilled by the pink-hatted millions of women and supporters marching through major cities all over the world. And yet, GOP leaders in Congress and the White House have largely ignored their voices and continued to take actions that continue to brutally pummel our hope and resolve.

And Joe Kennedy’s speech was brilliant, and filled with hope and resolve. But he is unfortunately an easy target, by virtue of his own clouded family heritage.

And more recently, we have been witnessing a more necessarily primal #metoo movement that IS gaining strength and momentum. And I do believe that this one will be unstoppable, long-term. But it is not yet strong enough. And its impact is not yet pure enough – again too much cloudedness concerning some leaders’ own motives – to fire up our hearts.

And. And. And. Every voice, every movement has seemed to either sputter and quickly flame-out, or become mired in its own internal controversies.

But this week, something new happened. Something different. Unique. Unprepared-for. Unexpected. Rare.

Students who were directly targeted for murder, and experienced its presence in a deeply visceral heart-level, and directly witnessed the violently gory murders of dear friends in a public school – a place that is held sacred as a safe zone by hundreds of millions of students and family members and neighbors and friends – are using their fresh traumas as a direct focal point. To send out the rallying cry: “NO MORE!”

THIS. This is where it starts. This is the epicenter of a movement whose concentric ripples are already so strong, so pure and powerful and determined, that I am watching online trolls thrash about in raw fear and short-circuited confusion.

Because those who do not have love, or pure morality or consciences, always meet their match when they are finally confronted by those who do. And everybody watching, can finally see the difference.

A child shall lead them.
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  1. I was so moved by these high school students I almost drove to Florida to join their rally, and I’m 75! Thank you for your article for giving perspective to our sad state of affairs.

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