Corporate Women in Tech Part 2 – by Tamara Backovic

in techHow Dominant Is Bro Culture in Tech?

Whether we like it or not, it is clear that gender equality in the tech world is still a dream, not a reality. When it comes to women in tech statistics, they show a drastic gender gap. 

For instance, women hold only 24% of jobs in the tech field.

Nonetheless, the situation seems to be improving in the recent period. The likes of Indra Nooyi or Ginni Rometty are leading by example. These women can act like the lighthouses, which we all need to help us enter a better future.

So, how does the “bro culture” affect the position of women in the modern tech industry? To answer this question, we will need to dig deeper into the corporate world. Thus, let’s not waste any more time and start looking for clues and relevant information.

Lack of Access & Opportunity

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that women in tech do not have access to the same opportunities as men. To be precise, statistics on women in tech say that men hold 87% of positions of power in the industry.

Moreover, only 11% of the workforce in engineering are female. Despite the decline in gender inequality in recent years, some industries remain male-dominated.

All-male teams are not a rare occurrence, even though women can provide lots of creativity and professionalism. 

Yet, corporate leaders leave little room for women to climb the corporate ladder. In other words, women are often discouraged from even trying to reach the C-suite.

Why Are Women Leaving Tech?

Of course, a biased environment is no place for progress. As a result, millions of women in the United States are leaving tech and pursuing careers elsewhere.

To be precise, women in tech statistics say that 50% of women leave their jobs in STEM fields after a decade. Also, studies report that women are 45% more likely to leave a career in the tech industry than men.

But why is that so? What are the motivating factors that fuel such behavior?

Well, it seems that a nasty combination of elements adds up to form an unpleasant environment for women. For instance, a lower salary is one of the primary reasons why women consider leaving their companies.

Besides equal pay, women also want to be eligible for maternity leave as well as paid leave options. Likewise, the opportunity to grow and move up the corporate ladder is a vital element as well.

So, how can we change the situation? Is there a way to raise awareness and reduce the effects of gender disparity?

Impact Women Can Have on Corporate Performance

As we said in the beginning, successful women are the example we should all follow. They are the ones who managed to reach the top of the pyramid, despite being in heels or having family and kids.

The reason why these women are so successful is that they add value to their business. Studies show that women in tech can increase corporate performance in more ways than one. What’s more, if the company has a female-dominated team, the profits could skyrocket!

For instance, women-led companies can bring in 12% higher revenue than male-owned businesses.

Unfortunately, women in tech are mostly charged with running the HR sector. However, girls can code, and girls can boost originality and creativity. By reducing the gender gap, companies can increase conversions and build a loyal customer base. 

In other words, modern-day women in tech are full of knowledge and passion. They can be the missing link to take a company to a new level. 

And yet, the doors to male-dominated boardrooms remain firmly closed. The impenetrable barrier of male-dominance keeps women away from the decision-making process. 


As you can see, the quality of work that women can do is equal to men. In some areas, women can even exceed expectations and deliver superior results to their male counterparts.

At the same time, few women are even allowed to shine and show what they are capable of doing. For that reason, we must step up our efforts to achieve gender equality in the upcoming period. 

Now that we are in 2020, it’s about time to set in motion the next workplace revolution. This time, women in tech need to come out as equal partners with men in all areas of the tech industry.

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