CROSS-CULTURAL ACADEMY for Cultural Competence

The American Diversity Report offers workshops and keynotes on cultural diversity.

Cultural Competence1. CULTURAL COMPETENCE

The ADR workshops for achieving cultural competence are based on our copyrighted system: Matrix Model Management System: Guide to Cross-cultural Wisdom.  Customized for each client, the workshops include:

▪ Cross-cultural communication
▪ Conflict management
▪ Wise decision-making

Cultural competence2. GOING SOUTHERN

The ADR workshops and presentations that assist newbies to adjust to Southern culture are based on the guide, Going Southern: The No-Mess Guide for Success in the South. Customized for each client, the presentations include:

  • Introduction to Southern history & geography
  • Overview of Southern cultural expressions
  • Communication strategies to bridge cultural differences
  • Dos & don’ts for social and workplace interaction in the South

Cultural competence3. DIVERSITY – Religious

The ADR has a history of presenting workshops on diversity in the workplace. The current  emphasis is on religion, based on our book, Religious Diversity at Work: Religious Diversity in the U.S. Workplace which includes discussion questions and scenarios for easy use in training sessions. Customized for each client, the workshops & presentations include:

  • Introduction to the legal issue involving religion in the workplace.
  • Quick Reference Religious Diversity Cards.
  • Strategies for calendars and holidays.
  • Summary of the 4 most common non-Christian religions in the US workplace: Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism.
  • Common HR issues involving religion

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