Magic Marble Tree

The Magic Marble Tree: A Writer’s Journey

Magic Marble TreeLatest & Best Yet!
by Deborah Levine

Sequel to The Liberator’s Daughter

The memoir you’ve been waiting for…  stories of wisdom and integrity, of kindness & courage, of creativity & hope.  Here are  stories of perseverance through the hardships of war time and the pain of chronic illness. Go beyond merely enduring to championing life and creating beauty out of chaos. These stories transform at the soul level where the will to live resides and inspiration is born.


“Reading The Magic Marble Tree, my body shivered. I looked up at the sky, breathing with relief and recognition. Here is a woman who understands these words of Teilhard de Chardin: ‘We are spiritual beings having a human experience.’ Growing up in Bermuda, Deborah’s memories are alive with burning island colors – hot pink hibiscuses and deep red Poinciana trees. Even as a child, her mind was trembling with self-knowledge and personal kindness toward all living beings.”
~ Andréana Lefton: international journalist

“Along with her truly flawless story-telling ability, I was deeply impressed with the way Deborah could interweave a vast array of life-experiences together: growing up in Bermuda as one of the only Jewish families living there; a childhood sickness that often debilitated her and extended well into her adulthood; the varied educational levels she tackled so successfully and were later incorporated into almost every aspect of her numerous careers; her fierce determination not to quit anything she put her mind to accomplish, even in the face of death threats for how fearlessly she confronted racism, anti-Semitism, Holocaust deniers, and pure hatred from many directions.”
~Ian Michals: award-winning screenwriter, author of The Homeland Trilogy

“Deborah’s incredible journey, and that of her amazing parents, contains countless awe-inspiring life lessons which can benefit people of every generation on their road to personal and professional success. Her wit, wisdom and spectacular storytelling ability make readers feel like up close observers of a transformational life experience, like the proverbial Phoenix rising from the ashes to reach new heights.”
~ David B. Grinberg: digital journalist, former spokesman for the U.S. EEOC, and political appointee in the Administration of President Bill Clinton.

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Magic Marble Tree

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