Matrix Model Management System

Matrix Model Management SystemGUIDE to CROSS-CULTURAL WISDOM

The Matrix Model Management System is designed to build diverse teams with wise decision-making capacity. Based on the principles of cultural anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss and the strategies of storytelling, the System can be used vertically by an entire department, horizontally by a specific classification within an organization, or by multiple teams in open space facilitation.

Applicable across a broad range of industries, the Matrix Model System System develops expertise in 1.) cross-cultural communication, 2.) conflict management, and 3.) wise decision-making, the 3 top skills required of diverse teams.With step-by-step instructions, the Matrix Model Management System provides the tools for a diverse team to reach a high level of performance across diverse cultural boundaries.  The System can be used for both on-boarding and management training, as well as an intervention strategy for diversity-related challenges.

The System includes an individualized Matrix Workbook which contains the worksheets and group exercises in the System along with examples of how other individuals and teams responded. The key topics are as follows.

  • Tell Your Story: Fire up your cross-cultural communication skills
  • Avoid Culture Clash: Deploy your internal conflict barometer
  • Make Wise Decisions & Inspire: Problem solve across cultures
  • Cultural Competence:
    • Verbal Styles: Tips for verbal communication across cultural boundaries
    • Non-Verbal Styles: Tips for using & understanding body language across cultural boundaries


“When Ms. Levine introduced her story methods and Matrix Model Management System, lights went off! Telling our stories breaks down barriers and lets us react on a different level.”
   ~ Online Wall Street Journal

“For several months, I worked with Deborah Levine as we planned the Living Well, Living Longer Community Health Conference. Typical of Deborah’s style, it was a broad-based event engaging literally hundreds of people in the planning process. Her Matrix Model Management System was an excellent tool for team building, dealing with conflict & decision making with a diverse crowd.”
     ~ Rae Young Bond, Executive Director
Chattanooga & Hamilton County Medical Society

“In my role as a Human Resource Manager, the training and cultural awareness of the Matrix Model Management System will allow me to relate to others as they would like without assuming what they want or need.”
 ~ Valoria Armstrong, former Chattanooga President


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