Diversity University provides Interactive Workshops with follow-up online courses / coaching.


Our copyrighted methodology for managing the diverse workplace has been deployed in corporations, academia, government agencies, and nonprofits. The Matrix Model Management System: Guide to Cross-cultural Wisdom applies the theories of cultural anthropology and urban planning to hands-on training customized for each client. The process includes:

  • Diverse Team Management
    • Storytelling Communication
    • Wise Decision Making
    •  Emotional Genius
  • Cultural Competence
    • Thought Diversity in Depth
    • Dealing with Historical Symbols, Icons, and Cultural Expressions
    • Managing Culture Clash

Cultural competence2. GOING SOUTHERN

Our workshops and presentations assist newbies to adjust to Southern culture. Training is based on the guide, Going Southern: The No-Mess Guide for Success in the South. Customized for each client. Sessions include:

  • Introduction to Southern history & geography
  • Overview of Southern cultural expressions
  • Communication strategies to bridge cultural differences
  • Dos & don’ts for social and workplace interaction in the South

Cultural competence3. DIVERSITY – Religious

Religion is emerging as a key element of cultural competence, requiring religious literacy for today’s diverse workplace. Our workshops and presentations are based on Religious Diversity at Work: Religious Diversity in the U.S. Workplace: including strategies, tips, background information, discussion questions and scenarios for training sessions.

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