For Peace — by Kwaku Amoako Fosu-gyeabour

A thousand mile journey starts with a step
Between whispers of war starts with a tone,
No one will dream of war to receive us with loneliness
When will it stop?
Dreadful scenes, rack-edged sorrows and rapid holocaust
Will this malediction still continue?
We have crossed the river

We have passed this stage
Why should we get killed because of blood diamonds?
Why should we get lynched because of our color?
What is done wrong, that the good takes part
Have we forgotten?
We are one people across the face of the earth
When will this stop?
Unpredictable, the world is known
Countries fighting each other
Politics devouring us like lions
What will politics yield us?
If not war and hunger
When will political parties become one or share common ideas for the betterment of their countries?

Or have we forgotten we live under one roof,
Why can’t we live as one soul?
What at all is in coup d’etat that we can’t erase?
How sweet is it that the taste lasts long on our tongues?
How will we feel if in our eyes people are butchered and killed in horror?
Day and night, we hear our own cry…stop! Please! Please!! Please!!!
These questions live with us, what are we doing?
At the mention of peace!

Enemies should shake hands and smile at each other
A pat on the back wouldn’t hurt.
Are we going to continue like this?
In filth and in kill
What will happen when a friend is said to be gone
What will we gain when a relative’s voice is not heard?
Why! Why! Can’t we voice out a peace pledge
The allegiance we pay to our lord Jesus…
What are we doing as citizens?
Answer me now!
What are we doing?

Do we have to put our hands between our thighs and sit unconcerned?
Do we have to see blood daily?
Do we have to view children and women suffer and die off in stress and hunger
Fear! Oh! Lord…
What happened to children are the future leaders?
Yet they are killed in vain…
Innocent soul are buried in mass
Fear oh! Lord…
Why can’t we live in peace and progress?

Have you heard? They have killed our brother…Let’s revenge!
Have you heard? They have destroyed our country…Let’s kick back at them!
Have you heard? They are living in the kill…Let’s start to wipe them off!
Trigger-happy fools
Tell me! Is this what should happen? Or instead get matters solved amicably

With all I have, I pledge
With my strength, pride and glory, I host my creed
I will withhold peace in my mind and my heart
I swear to campaign for peace…
Join me; let’s utter words of peace,
Agreement, courage and eternity I pray
Let the best be done…

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