Lips Two Folds Of Petal — Poem by M. Bugi

They Fall With Grace,
Two Petals of a Rose, Out Of Faith,
That The Gravity Of Earth will Bind Them,
In Shape Of Lips …

And The Fate will Not Betray Them
Galvanizing an Impact Of Soft Landing on Earth,
Be Hold The memories made …You Earthling
Beware … what a heavenly Moment You are Kissed,
In The Most Fragile touch Breathe softly
as memories of The Kiss will Last an eternity.

To Long For
To Be Kissed again
and The reflections in the souls.
will certainly Create Depth of Awareness.

So Gather those Touchy Moments and Rejoice,
The petals of her fragrance are in The Air
All you have to Do is gather them
Don’t Leave them On a chance
To be Together again
Touched in Form Of LIPS.

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