Mental Insomnia — Poem by Darius Myrick

Stay awake
try your best to stay alive
‘til death do you part
stay up ‘til you become part of that insomnia
the best things known for us are there when you see it
you can’t see it if you sleep…
not just a nap, not just bedtime, but in many human and spiritual forms as well

wake up your heart
for you can’t learn temptation, anger, power, pain and suffering
feed your heart with the blood of emotion and action
so your heart becomes strong and unbreakable…

stay awake
wake up your body
teach it the physical means of survival
taking that impossible and surpassing the limitations of
needs that men tell you can’t overcome but you need in
order to steer away from the world’s normal.
understand the misunderstood. believe in the unbelievable
strong is in the body and no metabolism or other nutrients
can stop the inevitable physical means.

wake up, stay awake
your spiritual guide is right beside you.
feed it religious purpose and belief in your creator,
understand that message of solitary fortitude
for others to follow
lead others to the leader who gave you the ability to lead
that way we all can lead each other….

stay alive
being alive is taking risk where no man is meant to reach
know things that certain men feel others shouldn’t add to
their mental repertoire
save yourself from ignorance
and rise against struggle
to understand failure, struggle and negativity
one must be sleep and fail to understand the success limits
with that being said, be encouraged, be known

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