Nature’s Sweet Biracial Child — Poem by Wendell Brown

I am the ginger brown of the Egyptian
The blackness of the Sudan
I am the beauty to which the birds sing
I have the supremeness of the royal Lion
I am the Orchid that adorns the shore of the Nile
And the brightness of shimmering stars
I am the nomad that dwells in the Sahara
I am known throughout the lands afar

I am akin to the American Indians
The Africans and Europeans the same
And yet here I am lost inside of my country
Where no one recognizes my name

My skin is so pure a pecan brown
Blessed with beauty by God aplenty
And yet some try to call me only black
Never recognizing I am akin to many

For I am also the golden brown of the desert
And full of the sweetness of the Nile
The beauty of the worlds continents live in me
For I was born Nature’s sweet biracial child

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