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NEVER INTO – Poem by Sharon Fernando

I was never into conspiracy theories
Until they began stealing powerful black beings
With real voices, and real dreams
uplifting communities, doing positive things
Muted by sudden deaths, shootings and accidents
Spirits too broken to notice this is no

Promoting ownership of talent and property
Securing future generations with the
promise of the same opportunities
as the “privileged” majority

Silenced by mirrored faces
Softened by bills or independence
law enforcement on video
shooting unarmed Black men
with no guilt or consequence
while protecting government interests
making money from sickness and illness

I was never into conspiracy theories
Communities in rich America still suffering in poverty
in 2019
blaming it on colored communities
And lack of self-control –  but still
“have money for wars, but can’t feed the poor”

I was never into conspiracy theories
IG’s and Snapchats, girls with fat cats
Distracted by Kardasians,
Women with big tits and a big ass
Subliminal messages constantly moving passed us
of photos and videos
validating behaviours of “hookers and hoes”

I was never into conspiracy theories
Until they openly began quieting voices
That were steps away from
unveiling truths and exposing
lies, told by Mr. blue eyes

I was never into conspiracy theories
Until the NFL sent a message –
of conformity, a reminder of their supremacy
White faces and old thoughts – still got us
locked in how we walk – how we talk
using Black bodies until their bloodied
and bruised
put out to pasture
once they’ve served their use

I was never into conspiracy theories,
Until American voted in Trump –
empowering bigots
with racist opinions, providing a platform to spread venom
and ignorance
with confidence
and no consequences

America the land of the free –the land of
hidden slavery

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2 thoughts on “NEVER INTO – Poem by Sharon Fernando”

  1. Wow that was beautiful!! Well said and reminded me we still have a long way when all is equal in mans eyes just like Jesus’s eyes …
    Someone with such a beautiful soul could only think an write a poem so meaningful as this one..??

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