New Beginnings Council Against Hate

Council Against Hate – Model

“We must begin by rejecting the idea that we are powerless against hate. We can change how hate is spread and can create tools to do so. I announced the formation of a Council Against Hate at the State of the City address in April 2018 and proceeded to bring together diverse leaders to serve on the council. Individuals working together can workshop ideas and make them better. Coordination can speed those ideas, continue and replicate them.”
~ Chattanooga Andy Berke, When Hate Groups March Down Main Street: Engaging a Community Response

New BeginningsVISION

To be known as the most civil, safe, and welcoming community in the country that honors freedom of expression, protects marginalized populations, and regards the diversity of faiths, ethnicities, genders, and viewpoints as an essential strength.


To understand the factors leading to the spread of violent extremism and intolerance and to advise the public and private sectors on policies and strategies that will create a more civil, safe, and welcoming community for all people.


• Public Policy: Works to create public policies to protect targeted constituencies from hate crimes and violent extremism.
•  Research & Data: Defines and understands the problem of hate in our community.
•  Students & Youth: Engages young people in combating hate.
•  Educators: Prepares educators and other staff to identify, respond to, and work against hate speech and extremist behavior.
•  Businesses & Employers: Engages the private sector in creating workplaces that are free from hate and discrimination
•  Media (Traditional and Social): Improves the community’s media literacy around issues of bias in reporting, framing, and depicting hate speech and bias.
•  Faith & Culture: Creates additional cultural programming.

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