New Beginning

New Beginnings

American Diversity Report

Building on the United Nations Interfaith and Harmony Week, ADR New Beginnings expands the concept to a month, and then into a 5-year project based on the Council Against Hate developed in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Our partners extend across the USA and Africa: Former Mayors International Association, World Conference of Mayors, and Historic Black Towns & Settlements Alliance. Mayors and community leaders stand ready to partner with universities, faith groups, businesses, and civic organizations  to identify community problems, develop solutions, and counteract the hate that is so destructive in today’s world.

New Beginnings
Bishop John Bulinda at Olympia Washington State Capitol

What is the Project
to be called? “IT SHALL BE CALLED NEW BEGINNINGS” is what I heard
~Bishop John Bulinda

And so we initiate a “New Beginning” to develop a world  where love and compassion replace hate and killing. Our mission is to build a world  where we all realize our shared humanity and enhance our communities’ quality of life together. 

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