New Beginning

New Beginnings

American Diversity Report

Open communication, mutual respect, sincere understanding, and unilateral cooperation plays a vital role in the promotion of peace and goodwill among all people and between all nations. Throughout history, we have allowed our differences to dictate our futures. Advances in technology have transcended the barriers of time and  distance, leading to the growth of our social, economic, and cultural ties the global community as well as challenges in understanding and communicating with our international neighbors.   Let’s affirm our commitment to interfaith harmony, religious liberty, and tolerance for diverse traditions and beliefs contributes to our continued strength and prosperity.

As we enter a new decade, let’s create international partnerships encompassing every culture, race, faith, and gender on the face of the earth. The World Conference of Mayors, and the Black Townships, stands ready to enter into a partnership with Universities, faith groups,  other cities and towns within our state, nation, and world to identify community problems, develop solutions to those problems, and begin to develop a “New Beginning” in 2020 to strive to develop a world community where love and compassion replace hate and killing.  A world where every person on earth can rise to their potential where we all realize we are one race, the human race, just different shades.

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