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Our Advisors, Prof. Nathan Kahara and Dr.Joe Aketch, and the former Mayors International Assoc. are working with ADR New Beginnings to engage cities and organizations in Africa in Interfaith Harmony and form Councils against Hate to improve quality of life and address the roots of violent hate.

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Prof. Nathan Kahara

Prof. Nathan Kahara the President of Golden Rule International is current International President of Former Mayors International, Ambassador for Peace. He was elected the youngest Nairobi City Mayor at his early 30s. Nathan and Mayor of Santiago, Chile in 1981 were declared youngest mayors in the world. He was later elected Vice President of International Union of Local Authorities (I.U.L.A), an association that was voice of all local Authorities in the world. He served as Chairman of Association of Local Government Authorities of Kenya (ALGAK), similar to today’s Council of Governors (COG). He served as Governor (President) of Kenya Red Cross Society among others. Prof. Kahara has received over 30 Medals and Awards from all over the world for his peace initiatives and service to humanity. He has been described by many including media as ‘Nairobi’s best Mayor ever’.

Dr. Joe Aketch

Dr. Joe Akech is the former Nairobi City Mayor, and current  Chairman of Mama Lucy Hospital, has served as a councilor for 15 years and elected deputy Mayor for two terms, then became a Mayor from 2002 – 2004. He was the chair of Sports Stadia Management Board in 2009-2010. He was the chairman of ALGAK an association with over 3500 members which included all the mayors, chairmen of county council and all councilors. While being the Mayor, he lobbied and subsequently hosted the Africities 4 of which represent all the local authorities in Africa giving Nairobi City an opportunity to host about 10,000 delegates and all the ministers responsible for local authorities and urban development.

During his tenure as the mayor he initiated the Street families programme that saw the street youths integrated into rehabilitation and others went back to school. The Street families programme focused on early childhood development in education and life skills development. Having been a champion for social justice, he has a special interest in youth who have been in conflict with law and are now reformed and seek support to be integrated back in the society.

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