of things that never seem to work by Taiwo Hassan

of things that never seem to work

fragile places, unseen spaces, my mother’s china
all struggle to be metaphors for my spirit.
is there anything more tender than a zephyr?
me, perhaps.

i’m learning how to embrace patience,
in small doses, in pieces that seem to cage this silence
yet leave traces of noise that once made me a home—
a cocktail of frustration and anger.

pay attention to this soul, can you hear the cracks
forming? nothing here is a testament of gloom.

when will his words make my smiles rot? tell me.
will it be when i journey into my mother’s prayers
and find his presence, fighting to be in a grave?

Taiwo Hassan is a student of Yorùbá descent, a poet and writer. His works have been published in several print and online publications, including Liminal Transit ReviewPraxis Magazine, Ice Floe Press, and Dust Poetry Magazine, and others. When he’s not writing, he’s either listening to music, singing, or watching a TV series. His social media handles include @iamtsoul on Instagram and @symplytaiwo on Twitter.

Image Credit: Combination of an abstract background (wallpaperaccess.com) and an hourglass (kisspng.com)

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