Our Flowers, Our Loss — Poem by Wendell A. Brown

Where have all our beautiful flowers gone
Each so very special in their own way
Where have all our young flowers gone
Why has this world’s evil taken them away

Where have all our young flowers gone
Oh Lord, we miss them in so many ways
And its hard to accept the reason they left
As our grief overwhelms us so much today

For our souls are broken in so many pieces
While our hearts are deeply wrought with pain
And we know from this moment forward in our lives
Nothing in our world will ever again be the same

Where have all our little flowers gone to
Though it may seem they are so far away
The jewels of our lives are still very near
For within our hearts their smiles brightly stay

Even though our hearts weep deeply for all of them
In each of their faces an angel’s smile we will always see
For we know our Lord has lovingly embraced them all
Giving them freedom forever from all pain and suffering.

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