Inclusive Sports – by Martin Start

Diversity in the Sports World Sport plays a significant role in creating communities as common bond is formed when individuals and teams compete celebrating their successes and failures with others.  The Olympics is as much a peace movement as a sporting event with the Olympic flame a symbol of harmony, cultural plurality and togetherness. Athletes … Continue reading Inclusive Sports – by Martin Start

ADR Team

Meet the ADR Advisors & Writers ADVISORY BOARD (click for bios) Dr. Deborah Ashton, Marc Brenman, Dr. Carlos Cortés, Dr. Gail Dawson, Terry Howard,  Soumaya Khalifa,  Simma Lieberman, Susan McCuistion,  Dr. Shalini Nag,  The Rev. Dr. John Pawlikowski, Sridhar Rangaswamy, Dr. George Simons, Dr. Julia Wai-Yin So, Lorne Steedley, Jan Levine Thal, Mauricio Velásquez,  Dr. Nagwan … Continue reading ADR Team

What Should an Aspiring Global Leader Know? — by Deborah Levine

Here’s what teenage global leaders-in-training had to say when asked what a young global leader should know. The words of wisdom come from high school and middle school students participating in the American Diversity Report Youth Global Leadership Class. Enjoy their  timeless advice and then read what leadership experts said about preparing the upcoming generation of leaders.

To Kneel or Not to Kneel? – by Terry Howard

“The Robert E. Lee High School Fighting Leeman!” There’s a cultural tug of war raging across the nation and it has seeped down into “small town USA,” my little hometown in Virginia notwithstanding. And seemingly there’s no end in sight. On one side the argument is to remove the name of Robert E. Lee, a … Continue reading To Kneel or Not to Kneel? – by Terry Howard

Hispanic Targeted Ads – by AHAA

Study Shows Steep Increase in Corporate Efforts to Target Hispanics The top 500 U.S. marketers are allocating about 8.4 percent of their overall ad spend to Hispanic dedicated efforts, this is up from 5.5 percent in 2010, according to a new report from AHAA: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing. Over the past five years, the … Continue reading Hispanic Targeted Ads – by AHAA