Habana Cuba

Poem in Exile: Habana Cuba – by M. Bugi

Lower down the bridges of man Made regulations
and let me wonder in the Spanish architectural field
the high rising skeletons of your priesthood
Let me, Kick, apart
Trading slavery a market to human dishonesty,
A dark age to be crucified again,
as i look back and travel in the Scorns of History,
Not long ago Che, and Fidel Castro- marched into it.

To give a gesture of freedom to the Latin American Continent
Nail these caskets and hang them in the streets
Oh Venus of Latin America HABANA
Shed a few tears to my broken heart
Raise a few more monuments for the Priest who in the name of the Lord,
Tortured the whole world in the Glittering of Gold,
as if The Great civilisations mattered Nothing to him,
of the Mayas Inkas Aztecs,
who hung the slave’s harness through the diamond studded cross,
to be blessed,
and stole away ships Full of Gold for the Conquistadors,
who came as Guests and slaughtered the Hosts,
Who called them names who addressed them as chinks, pinks, Blacks and Blues,

I am also a witness of the Indians who Jumped from the Cliffs the whole tribes instead of Surrendering to the Spanish,
Oh Native spirits of your Tribes, I long to see again in PEACE-
after systematic destruction of Hispaniola,
they were all living there in Peace as TAINO’s,
till the Spanish arrived in Greed for GOLD-
the Inventors of Hammocks Tobacco,as special,
which they gave as offerings to the Mother Earth-
for One Day The Creator will Ask them what would they say,
in return?

When He will ask You AGAIN-
In whose names You did it all…

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