Proud — Poem by Darius Myrick

This is me,
My face, my skin, my hair
What I wear, how I think
My interpretation, my life, my story
I’m proud of it.

This is how I grew up
With a single mother instead of a family
Struggles on top of happiness
Pain to make you insane
Tears of joy and loss
Free with determination for motivation
But I’m proud of it.

This is how I think,
With ambition as my ammunition
Intellect as my best friend
Confidence as my right hand man
Swag as my junt on the side
And this pencil and paper as my main love
And I’m proud of it

This is how I love,
With sensitivity instead of a pick up line
With actions full of truth instead of words full of lie
With emotions to soothe you instead of looks to fool you
Boosting your intelligence instead of teasing your sacred temple to make you feel relevant

To know your name and spend quality time
Not quick conversation and wine and dine
Many girls may want to touch
But for me one woman is just enough
And I’m proud of that

This is what I learn,
To reach for the stars
Climb the ladder for success
That being a lone wolf
Can sometimes be the best

Remember your family
And whatever you been through
And thank God each day
Because someone else has it worse than you do.

Learned that color is irrelevant
Jealousy and hate is ignorance
Life is short so live it to the fullest
Strive for the top
Reach for the stars never look down
Failure is here but not my option
Success is my path but obstacles are distractions
In order to achieve I have to believe
My path is limitless never a dead end street
And I’m proud of that.

This makes me different
My love instead of hate
My destiny, taking control of my fate
Never afraid to take a chance
Make my own name
A Leader not a follower
Making changes instead of changing myself
And I’m proud of that

I wear clothes that define me not make me
I have friends that care for a lifetime not a moment
I’m here to earn not to take
I want to achieve not to deceive
My character is my in crowd
My popularity is my own self esteem
I chase goals not material things
God is my best friend
My mind is my soul
My life is my reality


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