Radio Theater: UNTOLD Stories of a World War II Liberator

Deborah Levine, daughter of a World War II military Award winner intelligence officer, shares first-hand stories of WW II and the Holocaust with wartime letters of her father, Aaron Levine. He was assigned to interrogate Nazi prisoners of war.
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UntoldHear the wartime love letters of Estelle Malloy, a Special Education pioneer whom Aaron married after they graduated from Harvard. Then you’ll hear the memoirs of Polish Holocaust Survivor, Leon Weisband. First, we’ll start with Aaron’s immigrant roots from the Ukraine-Latvia region. Next, we’ll see Estelle’s childhood in Bermuda in the only Jewish family to have lived on the island for 4 generations.

Dennis Parker, Deb Levine, Dylan Kussman: WUTC

Director:  Dennis Parker.
Deborah Levine, author.
Aaron Levine is played by  actor/director/producer Dylan Kussman, Estelle Levine is played by Charlene Hong White, Aunt Polly by Trish Ross, Leon Weisband by Joel Scribner, Secretary of State Cordell Hull by Greg Glover, Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter by George Hoctor and the Reporter by Chase Parker (no relation).
Music by Aaron’s nephew, Hollywood composer Michael Levine.
– Broadcast in August 2022 by WUTC-FM, a public service of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

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One thought on “Radio Theater: UNTOLD Stories of a World War II Liberator”

  1. My dad fought in WWII but he never talked about it until near the end of his life. He told us a little bit then, and was interviewed by a local group in Wisconsin that was trying to get personal information before those who were in the war were all gone.
    I look forward to hearing your dad’s story.

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