Smile for No Reason — Poem by Darius Myrick

I bet a lot of you wonder sometimes
why do i smile so much?
why are you so goofy? what is so funny?
you know what…
sometimes i wonder the same thing
cuz my life is no joke at all
i keep a smile to leave off my pain
i joke alot to keep away my thoughts
of being insane

who wants to hear struggles
name a conversation you was interested in listening
to pain sorrow and scars
i need a laugh i seen so much
from divorces to family divisions
i feel so crushed
i doubt you wanna hear about a father
who wasn’t there but love
the title so he can keep face
i tried everything to make his last name
look good but wasn’t enough
to keep him to stay
the sad part is i still do alot to
keep in touch and still it aint
enuff he drifts away
i mean come on you all have problems
why hear mine?

lets talk about something fun
not about competitive families
one who do too much and one that dont have enough and
me in the middle stuck listening to bullish
to the point where im fed up
No i dont want you involved
in my deep sorrow
my sad insecurities
the low self esteems when no one was digging me
and using me abusing me and my emotions
maybe thats why im so tough on the real
cuz i tend to be on cloud 9 on the fake
but enough of that

smile with me
embrace share with me
lets not beef, lets not fight
truth is i dont need more fights
its torn my life
i fought for intelligence, security, even
my own other blood for attention
love and peace
and yet im the only one who hasnt move forward
sometimes i feel my intelligence is a
curse because people
want me to succeed so much it hurts
wait, wait, wait
stop it stop it

you trying to figure me out
i know what you trying to do
quit quit quit it
you wanna go beyond my smile and laugh
you dont want DUCK anymore
you wanna know Darius
no i cant
i wont you cant take him
he too angry with this world
he too stubborn you cant shake em
no he is not happy
Darius is not happy

i cant stand this
higher than this building
my brother is no where for comfort
i’m stuck with expectations that
I, I cant follow

why do you want the truth??
i cant stand it so how can
you fix the unfixable??
let this rage stay in me
let me feel like i
wanna end up, pick up a knife
and jus mix me
or a 9 mm and say
screw this world and pull it end it

No sometimes i wonder why you love me
when will it be over
i have no chance with you why are we one
no we not cool sorry i upset you
no i didnt say hi
sorry for the mean look
excuse my unhappiness

Darius is not happy!!
Im not Happy!!
Im not Happy!!
Yes i have plenty reasons
to leave this place i call Life…
so let Duck smile
let him laugh and sooth joke

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